The Idea
is a site for texts and think pieces, exchange and debate on Africa, the West and the Rest of the World.


ARTICLES seeks to be a site for substantive, written exchange and debate. At its core are the Feature Article and the responding Articles of Members and Visitors. In the Feature Article, the site will periodically propose a topic, to which Members and Visitors will respond and give their point of view in an Article of their own. All Articles are elaborated and edited texts of a certain length and appear on the site as self-standing Articles below the Feature Article.
Go to ARTICLES to read the Feature Article and all responding Articles, and to write your own Article.

For users who merely want to leave their Comment on the topic of the Feature Article, provides a Blog. There are no formal requirements for writing a Comment in the Blog, where the Comments appear batched in chronological order of their posting.
Go to BLOG to read the Feature Article and all the Comments thereto, and to write your own Comment in the Blog.

Members undertake to regularly write edited Articles (rather than only comments) on the topic of the Feature Article. From time to time, they propose to the Administrator a topic for a Feature Article and offer to write the same.
Members are entered on a Members’ List and have their Personal Page, where they can present themselves and their activities, and share their contacts.
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The proposed language of is English, however, contributions in French and German are welcome.

GALLERY also features a Gallery, where photographers showcase aspects of African life through their eyes and lens.
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Afrika Stamm is host to the Afrika Stamm, a group of Swiss who are engaged in a – so far private – exchange on Africa and Switzerland, the West and the Rest of the World. IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION

You are interested, wish to contribute to the establishment of the site and later participate?

Dominik Langenbacher
Nairobi, February 2017